Kids Lunchboxes

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The Lunch box – A daily task for mommy’s with kids.

I was looking for new options for the kids lunch boxes as i’ve gotten in such a routine of adding the same items everyday and wanted to try something different.  I came across some nice and healthy ideas which I though of sharing with you today, as well as great tips to make The Lunchbox just that extra special and not so boring.

Kids can be picky sometimes when it comes to what they get for lunch, especially if it’s “too healthy”.  Below are some lunch ideas…even for those picky kids.. that might help you. Click on the links below each image for more information.


40 Lunches that even your picky kids will love

For those working moms out there who don’t have much time doing fancy sandwiches in the morning, here are some great ideas on baking and freezing options.


Save precious time on school mornings with these 25 Easy Bake and Freeze Lunch Box Recipe Ideas Kids Will Love:

25 Bake & Freeze Lunch box recipes

It is also important to give your kids a well-balanced lunch box and it is sometimes difficult. Have a look at the suggestions below.

A helpful printable to keep the the school lunch boredom blues at bay. Do you get tired of the same thing everyday? The kids can pack their own lunches too.:

How to pack a school lunch

I absolutely love this idea. For the older kids –  Why not add a cute joke or a note in their lunchboxes…without them knowing.  It just adds that extra special mommy touch. Below are links to printable jokes and notes.  Visit for more options.




More related links to visit:

101 Kid Approved School Lunch Ideas! This is totally going to save me this year! Over 100 healthy and easy school lunch ideas for kids!

101 Kid-approved Lunch Ideas

These Back to School lunch ideas are darling! I can't wait to try some of these for my kids!:

Creative Kid Lunch Ideas

If you are packing lunch boxes every day, make sure you have these School Lunch Must Haves. I love the mini-cutters for veggies and cheese. Lots of other great lunch making supplies too!:

School Lunch must haves

Packing ahead will definitely save time in the mornings.  I like the cupcake holder idea inside the lunchbox keeping all the small items separate.

Yummy Lunch Ideas for packed lunch boxes - EasyLunchboxes:

{Pack Your Own Lunch Box Guide} Who packs lunches at your house?  Join in our Zmoms facebook chat Wednesday, the 14th here:

Pack Your Own Lunch Box Guide

Click Here for above printable Lunch box guide for you to follow.

Hope the above gave you some inspiration.  Please share your kids’ lunch box ideas with me.  Let’s try something new and exciting that the kids would want more of.

Bye for now




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