How to boost your creativity!


Has it happened to you that some days you just feel so uninspired with no ideas coming up and your creativity is non-existent?  Well, that is quite normal.  So, forget about that.  Let’s move on and have a look at some tips which might help to get those creative juices flowing again.


Pinterest – It is known as the worlds largest inspiration site.  I just LOVE Pinterest and the whole concept around it.  I get most of my inspiration and ideas from all the pins I collect.  what I also like about it is that your pins can be categorised on the boards you create.  This one is definitely number one on my list when I need some new ideas and inspiration.

Keep a notebook

Keep a notebook – Make notes or lists of everything you think of, write down quotes or key words that inspire you, take pictures. I’m constantly busy writing things down, not just to remind myself what I need to do, but also in ideas.  When you keep a journal or log ideas, you will be processing information differently then just having things in your mind.  This will help with sparking new ideas, plus you can always refer back to your older pages.

Be around creative people

Be around creative people – it might be good to observe how other creative people do things.  Especially in your niche.  If you are into crafts, it will maybe benefit you to attend an art class with other people and see where that takes your creativity.  It is also a good platform to share ideas with each other.  Highly creative people are courageous, uses intuition to make decisions and produce ideas, they like to play, are expressive and are motivated by a task, they also push boundaries and test new ideas.  Your inspiration might blossom by observing these characteristics from other people.

Spend time outside

Spend time outsideWe often run away from silence because in silence we only have our thoughts for company, which can be frightening.  Silence however creates space for truly creative thinking.  I find that being outside, in a garden, only you, your notebook, the silence…. and a freshly brewed cup of coffee…is the ideal setting for the mind to refocus.  Or take a walk.  Did you know that creative thinking increases by 60% while taking a walk? – Study by Stanford University.  Being outside will stimulate your senses, get your blood flowing, increase oxygen to your brain and before you know it, you may find the ideas flowing again.

Take a break

Take a break – Sometimes you must just do nothing.  Every task needs a break, relax and enjoy yourself and come back later…refreshed.  “Creative people need time to just sit around and do nothing” – Austin Kleon.  If you can’t take a long break, rather take as many small breaks possible in your day or work fewer hours.  Or take a holiday, travel and get away from your creative projects for a few days or weeks.  Even by taking a drive for a few hours might even help you restore.  Meeting people from all walks of life during these breaks and putting yourself in their shoes can also trigger inspiration.  Christina Greve said that:”Without rest, a creative mind can’t function at its best.”

Try someting new

Try something new – By trying something new or different, you reset your creativity, fire up your synapses and turn yourself around.  Maybe a new hobby would give your creative thinking some perspective or something completely different like trying out a new restaurant, taste a new kind of fruit.  Simply opening yourself up to new experiences helps you feel less in a rut.  Our brains and bodies are being challenged by trying something new.  We see things differently and then notice what we previously missed or ignored, which leads to new opportunities.  We will also learn to be more open to change.

Make Mistakes

Make Mistakes – You need to take risks through which you might make mistakes and reach new ideas.  To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.  One who makes no mistakes never makes anything.  See it as a opportunity to actually make something.  Creating may often include anxiety and other fears.  We need to develop courage and learn how to deal with these feelings to be fully creative.  Mistakes fuel creativity and innovation.

Read Books

Read books – Reading just books (not blogs) 30 minutes a day flexes your mind muscles.  It makes you think, fantasize and makes you use your imagination.  You have to comprehend ideas and reasoning through reading and like exercise, the more you train, the better you will become.  While you read, you’re building images, thoughts and opinions in your head.  You are using critical thinking and logic to process the information.  Reading leads to better concentration, which leads to clear thinking.  It is also the best way to relax.  The Telegraph described reading as:”An active engaging of the imagination as the words on the pages stimulate your creativity and cause you to enter an altered state of consciousness.”  A “side effect”  of reading is that you end up with a large vocabulary which increases the more you read.  Words nurture creativity which will make you a better communicator.  This in return will give you confidence which will give you a great foundation to explore your imagination.  “The more you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” – Dr Seuss.

Declutter workspace

Declutter your workspaceA Cluttered word space is distracting.  Being surrounded by a bunch of stuff slows you down and can also complicate your daily tasks.  Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity.  It invades your space and doesn’t allow other people the ability to brainstorm with you.  So, to declutter your workspace might also declutter your mind and free your creativity.

I hope these tips will help you with some inspiration when you feel like your creativity has run dry.

Bye for now…



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