The New Craze!


The new Craze

Adult Colouring is increasing with popularity these days.  They call it “the new stress reliever”.  I absolutely love it! It takes time to complete a page, but the colours of the detail afterwards is  really pretty.  I use a combination of pencils (Faber-Castell is the best!), Sharpie pens and Felt tip pens (South Africans call them Kokie pens).  Here are some of my pages I have completed.

Check out these free colouring pages to download. Click on the link below and print or save the PDF version.



Today is going to be awesome.png

Today is going to be awesome




Fox Colouring page


Camera Colouring page



Feather coloring page

Feather Colouring page


So, what to do with your colouring pages once you have completed them?  I’m going to share a list of ideas with you.  Here goes:

Frame them

Image result for framed adult colouring pages

Laminate and use as placemats

Cut sections out of your pages and make gift tags

Wrap gifts

Crafty Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages: Wrapping Paper

Make a gift bag – Follow this tutorial.

Crafty Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages: Gift Bag

Make Bookmarks

Adult colouring bookmarks

Cover books

Fold an envelope

Make coasters

Decoupage Furniture – I absolutely love this idea!

Crafty Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages: DIY Decoupaged Coloring Table!

Some related articles which you might find useful:

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Adult colouring3

Coloring for adults 101: Your Complete Guide

My Favorite ways to color

Happy Colouring!  Share your complete pages with me!

Until nex time!





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